We are passionate about the cuisine and the variety of flavours both complex and simple that is found throughout the recipes.

The recipes are traditional Persian family methods passed down and then reinterpreted by us for you...

Koobideh loves to travel and we like to go interesting places to sell our food to lovely people. Our most regular haunt is Byron Bay, however, we have been known to venture North and South on a whim!





Don't worry we have your event covered. For any occasion from weddings, birthdays, product launches to backyard parties, let us take the stress away and do the cooking and serving. We have menus ranging from casual street food to elegant, formal spreads. They're all delicious.

Speak to us about catering your next celebration. Drop us a line and let us know what the occasion, when, number of guests and we can go from there.

We aim to make your event a memorable one, with top service and of course tasty food!


KABAB KOOBIDEH - defined...

The process of using a skewer to cook meat over fire stems back beyond the medieval times. In the case of koobideh (coo-bee-de) it is said that soldiers from the Persian empire were the original masters of the method. They would use their own swords to cook various types of meat over open flames as their pre and post battle nourishment...

Kabab nowadays is Iran's national dish and it can be found served on the streets and markets (like us!) to lavish palaces.

We cook ours on a custom stainless steel grill over all natural Australian charcoal. Delicious, wholesome and nutritious its hard to beat!


Please get in touch if you need any more information or would like to see our catering menus we are happy to work with you to create the best menu and food experience for your event...

We can be emailed at hello@koobideh.com.au or telephoned at (02) 5611 7030 or 0422 848 156

For the latest information on where we will be on any given day (mostly weekends) pay attention to Koobideh's instagram feed (it is also below!)

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koobideh - tasty persian food


koobideh - tasty persian food